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Amendment XVIII Cocktail Club, in the heart of Westhaven, TN is an anti-prohibition craft cocktail bar complete with a member bottle club & lockers. Join us in our 1920’s era inspired space for creatively inspired cocktails and a curated list of spirits, wine, and beer along with small plates served by highly knowledgeable bartenders who take their guests and hospitality seriously.

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Our timeless cocktail recipes embody our endless pursuit of perfection. Join us for the perfect pouring ritual.

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Whether breathing new life into timeless classics, showcasing the best of the new millennium cocktails, or exhibiting the ultimate expertise in creating unique and original serves, our master mixologists will help you find your perfect match.


Amendment XVIII

The ratification of the 18th Amendment, informally known as the Volstead Act, will forever be synonymous with the resurgence of modern cocktails. Intended to improve health and reduce corruption and crime, it inadvertently provided a renaissance for cocktail culture. With little access to uncommon ingredients, these secret bars or “speakeasies” were forced to create simple, well-balanced drinks, all of which still hold up today.

At Amendment XVIII, we believe in these principles. While still providing modern and creative cocktail recipes, we will always keep the backbone of these classics in mind. Simple, well-balanced drinks.



At Amendment XVIII we provide walk-in service on a first come first serve basis.

Hours: 4 pm-12 am Daily

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